Historic directories now online

Website ‘upgrade’ - we now offer users free and unrestricted online access to the historic street directories relating to Brighton & Hove. There are over one hundred directory volumes published between the 1780s and 1970s. Currently we have uploaded an example from nearly every year for which there is a publication – there are just a dozen more volumes left to add. When we finish the upload, we will have processed some 53,000 graphics (the current count is 50,302). The final volumes will be added in the next few weeks.

Using the tools on this website you can select individual directory volumes by year and by publisher and look at any of the available directories a page at a time. To explore this exciting and new resource go to the Directory listing page in the Resources section of the website.

Please note that as of Christmas 2012, all of the directory pages have also been tagged and can be searched for a street of interest. Go to the Directory listing section to conduct a search.